About Manufacturing Outlook

Manufacturing Outlook is a digital publication aimed at boardroom and hands-on decision-makers, aimed at an executive audience across the globe and spanning the full range of manufacturing sectors, from defence to food & beverage.

With original and exclusive content compiled by our experienced editorial team, complemented by an in-house design and production team ensuring delivery to the highest standards, we look to promote the latest in engaging news, industry trends and success stories from the length and breadth of the manufacturing sector.

Your company can join the leading industry heavyweights enjoying the free exposure we provide across both digital platforms with a free marketing brochure, extensive social media saturation, enhanced B2B networking opportunities, and a readymade forum to attract new investment and to help you grow your business.

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Kick-starting every edition of Manufacturing Outlook is a host of industry-focused articles geared towards knowledge sharing and trend adherence. Our expert editorial team – with the help of a few leading light contributions – bring the latest fluctuations, shortfalls, recoveries and successes to the attention of the executives who need to be in the know.

Each edition also contains one or more industry insight article concentrated on a pre-assigned special topic, our topical focus. See our editorial calendar to find out what is scheduled for the rest of the year.

Manufacturing Outlook corporate stories showcase the sector’s latest success stories with exclusive, in-depth interviews with executives at prominent companies across the globe. We give you access to unrivalled knowledge and insights, detailing how these leaders and their businesses are responding to the latest trends in their sector.

From family start-ups to regional divisions of multinational giants, each and every story we tell is unique… Why are they excited about their industry? What challenges are they overcoming? How is technology transforming their operations? When will their landmark projects be completed? Where are they looking to expand?

Every corporate story in Manufacturing Outlook is reproduced into a brochure format on a dedicated company page, providing maximum exposure and coverage for those featured, presented to you in a digestible and visually engaging format.