Manufacturing Software & Technologies

Navigate the digital scaffolding of Manufacturing Software and Technologies. This sector is the nerve centre of modern manufacturing, optimising processes and driving efficiency. From advanced ERP systems, real-time monitoring solutions to predictive maintenance tools, we detail the companies transforming manufacturing’s digital DNA.

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Manufacturing Software & Technologies Corporate Stories

UTS Rapido : University-Industry Led Innovation

The executive team at UTS Rapido takes us on a deep dive into the R&D engineering and technology innovation hub at the University of Technology Sydney and how it is making waves by delivering solutions that create industrial and societal impacts.

By Lauren Kania

Core Systems : Specialists in Tough Technology for Tough Territories and Terrains

In San Diego, Core Systems is an expert in providing top-of-the-line, rugged industrial and military-grade technology solutions.

By David Knott Rachel Carr

Agrostroj Pelhřimov : A Leader in Industrial Production

Agrostroj Pelhřimov has grown to become an industry leader in machinery manufacturing. We explore how the company provides comprehensive production solutions for global players.

By Nicholas Kernan Lucy Pilgrim

Hexagon : Bike to the Future

We showcase Hexagon’s partnership with ARCH Motorcycle to craft bespoke, high-performance cruisers, supporting the quality control demands of engineering and producing unique riding experiences.

By Jack Salter

Varda Space Industries : Medicine in Microgravity

In a galactic ocean of possibilities, Varda Space Industries is revolutionising pharmaceutical production by launching mini factories into low orbit, heralding a new era which is out of this world.

By Rachel Carr

V-Tex : Maintaining a Chilled Approach

V-Tex is changing the way the world chills drinks. We speak to Director, Colin Rodgers about the innovative technology company transforming the way we cool our beverages.

By Ed Budds

CloudNC : Machining Strategies in One Click 

As the manufacturing industry sees the onset of more advanced technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) poses improvements to automation within the sector. Theo Saville, CEO of CloudNC, tells us more about the company’s use of AI in its precision manufacturing processes.

By Lily Sawyer

On-Demand : The Future of Manufacturing 

Gesa Schneider, Senior Territory Manager for Central Europe for Marforged, highlights the opportunities of on-demand manufacturing, the technology behind it, and the obstacles it needs to overcome.

By Gesa Schneider

Kamstrup : Leaders in Water Meters

As a prominent and dominant force in the smart water metering industry, we speak to Kamstrup’s Country Manager and Vice President of North America, Bruce Bharat, about system solutions.

By Kierron Rose Rachel Carr

AWC Incorporated : The Trusted Partner

We speak to CEO Kirk Goins, who discusses the position of AWC Incorporated as a service provider in the automation and control industry.

By Kieron Harvey Lucy Pilgrim