Textiles & Apparel Manufacturing

Textiles & Apparel Manufacturing weaves together culture, fashion and technology, from sustainable clothing to high-tech fabric labs. Unfold the companies which are clothing the world and the strategies tailoring the future of apparel.

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Textiles & Apparel Manufacturing Corporate Stories

Slow Fashion : More Than Just a Trend

The emphasis on mass production and overconsumption comes consequences for both the environment and people. Slow fashion manufacturing offers an opportunity to make changes for a more ethical future.

By Lauren Kania

LTP Group : Future Facing Textile Manufacturing

LTP Group is the production partner embodying the marriage between functionality and longevity for consciously crafted textiles and garments.

By Dennis Morales Phoebe Harper

Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd: At the Helm of Safety

Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd is a leading producer of emergency services PPE. We take a look at the company, its passion for quality and safety, and how its helmet product range stands above and apart as the go-to choice for operators across the APAC region.

By Dennis Morales Marcus Kääpä

Imprima Group : Eco Friendly Fashion

Imprima Group is weaving sustainability into the textiles sector. Group CEO, Federico Benevolo, tells us about this dedicated follower of eco fashion.

By Thomas Arnold Jack Salter

Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association (SLAEA) : Spotlight

A world-leading manufacturer of apparel for iconic retail brands, we peel back the layers on Sri Lanka’s textiles manufacturing industry as a trusted and ethical end-to-end partner.

By Jordan Levey Phoebe Harper

EPIC Group : Designing the Future

Executive Chairman of the Epic Group, Ranjan Mahtani, discusses the components of a leading player in the global fashion and apparel industry.

By Phoebe Harper Nicholas Kernan

Imprima Group : Refashioning Textiles

Seamlessly weaving together tradition, imagination and innovation, Imprima has become a global player in the textiles manufacturing market. A company as unique as their custom designs, CEO Federico Benevolo discusses the prospect of a sustainable future.

By Phoebe Harper Nicholas Kernan

Itema Group : Italian Industry Leaders

We spoke to Ugo Ghilardi, Principal CEO of Itema Group, about the textile machinery manufacturing industry, and how the company stays ahead of its competition amid the repercussions of COVID-19.

By Marcus Kääpä Thomas Arnold

PEP Clothing : Clothing with Culture

Pep Clothing has been producing carefully crafted garments for more than 50 years, its longevity a product of a company culture that puts people at its heart.

By Kyle Livingstone Editorial Team