Furniture & Wood Manufacturing

Delve into the elegant realm of Furniture & Wood Manufacturing, combining artistry with functionality, giving life to spaces we inhabit. Ranging from master craftsmen to sustainable modern manufacturers, we detail the companies and the extensive supply chain crafting the future of furniture.

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Furniture & Wood Manufacturing Corporate Stories

Richmond Plywood Corporation : Growth and Sustainability

Bhavjit Thandi, Chief Financial Officer of Richmond Plywood Corporation Limited, tells us the company’s story of perseverance and adaptability to become a highly successful plywood co-operative that places quality at the heart of its operations.

By Callam Waller Lucy Pilgrim

Saviola Holding : Regenerative Manufacturing

Working solely with 100 percent recycled wood, Saviola Holding and the Composad furniture division embody the circular economy. We peel back the layers with Senior Managing Director, Nicola Negri.

Saviola Holding & Composad : Pioneering Circular Economy

Eco-ethical particleboard manufacturer Saviola Group has been embracing principles of sustainability and upcycling decades before it was considered fashionable.