Chemical & Industrial Gases

Dive deep into the world of Chemical & Industrial Gases Manufacturing. This crucial domain spans companies at the forefront of chemical research, production, and safe delivery.

From large-scale chemical production hubs to specialized gas purveyors ensuring precision in various applications, discover insights from industry stalwarts and c-suite executives, detailing the meticulous processes, safety protocols, and innovations they helm. Stay ahead of the curve with analysis of novel processes, visionary strategies, and emerging opportunities within the sector.

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Chemical & Industrial Gases Corporate Stories

CJB Companies : Focusing on the Future

From start-ups to multinationals, CJB Companies uses chemistry to connect with companies. We speak to Clinton Beeland, President and CEO of CJB Companies, about its pioneering roles from contract chemical manufacturing and development to commercializing advanced detection technologies.

By Callam Waller Lauren Kania

Policolor-Orgachim Group : Creating a Chemical Kaleidoscope

With a constantly expanding product range of paints and resins for various industries, as well as domestic use, Policolor-Orgachim Group’s CEO, Irina Mandoiu, talks about its reinvention and innovation.

By Nicholas Kernan Rachel Carr

Ethanol Company Limited : The Spirit of Transformation

CEO of Ethanol Company Limited, Lusubilo Chakaniza, discusses increasing visibility for Malawi’s premier ethanol manufacturer.

By Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray

Faci S.p.A : Quality Chemistry

A family-owned enterprise of Italian origin, Faci S.p.A have been a mainstay in the chemical manufacturing sector since 1943. We discuss geographical expansion, circular production, and implementing a culture of quality.