Printing & Packaging Manufacturing

From cutting-edge 3D printing to eco-friendly packaging designs, we explore the services and processes in Printing & Packaging. Read insights from print technologists, design experts, and c-suite brand custodians. Understand the evolution of print media, sustainable packaging, and strategies imprinting messages in memorable ways.

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Printing & Packaging Manufacturing Corporate Stories

Rosti : From Concept to Reality

A renowned player in 3D printing, we examine Rosti and explore the role it plays in delivering prototype products across Asia.

Glunz & Jensen : Delivering Quality at Affordable Prices

Martin Overgaard Hansen, CEO of Glunz & Jensen, discusses his company’s transformation and previews its place in the market post-COVID-19.

Plockmatic : Sweden’s Manufacturing Drive

Jan Marstorp, CEO of Plockmatic International Group, discusses the evolution of manufacturing in Sweden.

Express Pack Print : Packing a Punch

Express Pack Print is one of UAE’s top packaging companies, pioneering technologies and sustainability initiatives to maintain its competitive advantage.