Robotics & Automation Manufacturing

From industrial robotics, autonomous systems, and automated assembly line, explore the latest in Robotics & Automation Manufacturing. Read discussions with AI specialists, C-suite futurists, and industry leaders and discover the strategies shaping the next steps towards the mechanised revolution.

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Robotics & Automation Manufacturing Corporate Stories

Invio Automation : Setting the Future in Motion

We speak to Kevin Wolter, Director of Business Development at Invio Automation, about its proven automation expertise that has accelerated global businesses across a vast range of industries for over 60 years.

How to Procure the Right Battery Pack for a Mobile Industrial Robot

Long cycle life, high energy density, and resistance to shock and vibration are common requirements in AGVs and other types of mobile robots. How do they affect the choice of chemistry, cell, and battery pack design?

By Owen McNally

IDV Robotics : Titans of Uncrewed Technologies

As a global leader in cutting-edge uncrewed vehicle technology, IDV Robotics is at the forefront of innovation in robotics and autonomous systems. Dr Geoff Davis, Managing Director, highlights how the company intends to become an indispensable aid to the defence and civil sectors in the UK and internationally.

By Thomas Arnold Lucy Pilgrim

CloudNC : Machining Strategies in One Click 

As the manufacturing industry sees the onset of more advanced technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) poses improvements to automation within the sector. Theo Saville, CEO of CloudNC, tells us more about the company’s use of AI in its precision manufacturing processes.

By Lily Sawyer

BBS Automation : Sustaining Cutting-Edge Solutions

BBS Automation’s forward-thinking automated assembly and testing systems are providing cutting-edge solutions, as Andreas Foerster, General Manager for Southeast Asia, tells us.

By Poppi Burke Jack Salter

AWC Incorporated : The Trusted Partner

We speak to CEO Kirk Goins, who discusses the position of AWC Incorporated as a service provider in the automation and control industry.

By Kieron Harvey Lucy Pilgrim

MHM Automation : Innovation Through Automation

MHM Automation is focused on improving the efficiency and resilience of its customers’ operations in the global food and primary industry sectors with innovative automated solutions. CEO, Richard Rookes tells us more.

By Ryan Gray Ed Budds

Nice : A Home for the Future

Italian manufacturer Nice is at the forefront of Home Automation. Morris Carr, General Manager of Nice’s Northern Europe operations, discusses the company’s reputation as an innovator in the field and the potential of smart homes to create a world without barriers.