Oil & Gas Manufacturing

From off-shore drilling giants to refineries optimizing fuel production, we detail the companies fuelling Oil & Gas Manufacturing. Dive into comprehensive insights from energy economists and c-suite decision-makers, and explore the challenges of exploration, sustainability and strategies steering the future of energy resources in the sector.

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Oil & Gas Manufacturing Corporate Stories

TMK GIPI : Success in the Pipeline 

TMK GIPI produces pipes for the oil and gas industry that are as true as steel. CEO, Sulaiman Al Farsi, lifts the lid on Oman’s leading carbon steel pipe manufacturer.

By Jack Salter Thomas Arnold

PetrolValves : Innovative, Transformative Manufacturing

Cristiano Tortelli, CEO at PetrolValves, discusses his company’s journey towards continuous improvement and setting the standard in the market.

By Ryan Gray

Process Plants International : From Concept to Completion

Glenn Haste, co-founder and Company Principal at Process Plants International, discusses his customer first approach to operations.

By Joshua Mann Editorial Team