Discover the green heart of sustainability, balancing industrial progress with environmental health. From businesses pioneering circular economies to focusing on waste-reduction, we spotlight those at the forefront of eco-conscious initiatives.

Sustainability Corporate Stories

Responsible Manufacturing in 2024 : Innovating for the Reality of 1.5°C 

Professor Chris Harrop, OBE and Chairman of Made in Britian, explores the feasibility of mitigating global temperature rises within the manufacturing industry, and the important role that manufacturers must play in a world increasingly focussed on sustainability and social responsibility.

By Chris Harrop OBE

SIPH : Conserving a Crucial Commodity

SIPH’s unwavering mission is the production and marketing of Natural Rubber from its plantations and partner smallholders across West Africa.

By Poppi Burke Ed Budds

Höganäs Borgestad : New Age Industry

We speak to Hanna Landell, Managing Director of the Production Unit at Höganäs Borgestad, about making manufacturing a greener industry.

By Nicholas Kernan Ed Budds

Petainer : Supporting the Decarbonization of North America with PET

Petainer is a responsible PET manufacturing business striving to produce innovative, circular products that can be collected and recycled.

By Kieron Harvey Ed Budds

Schur Star Systems Australia Pty Ltd : Future-Proof Packaging

Schur is one of the oldest family-run packaging companies in the world. We speak to CEO Paul Quinn to unpack the next chapter for the business.

By Nicholas Kernan Rachel Carr

Pactiv Evergreen : Packaging a Better Future

Speaking to CEO, Mike King, we unpack the sustainable and innovative food and beverage packaging solutions being delivered by Pactiv Evergreen

Jadex Inc : Sustainable Science 

Leveraging cutting-edge material science and innovation, Jadex Inc. is delivering a sustainable future for everyday materials.

Sumitomo SHI FW : Driving the Energy Transition 

We speak to Tomas Harju-Jeanty, CEO of Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW), and discuss the company’s mission to pave the way to a decarbonised world.

By Nicholas Kernan Marcus Kääpä

Saviola Holding : Regenerative Manufacturing

Working solely with 100 percent recycled wood, Saviola Holding and the Composad furniture division embody the circular economy. We peel back the layers with Senior Managing Director, Nicola Negri.

Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Corp (AIM) : AIMing for a Greener Future

We speak to Nicholas Tan, Vice President of Operations at Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Corp (AIM) about its latest investments.