Construction & Building Materials

Unearth the richness of the Construction & Building Materials manufacturing sector. Beyond bricks and mortar, this industry shapes our skylines, homes, and infrastructures. From revered suppliers of classic building materials to innovators crafting sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives, we profile the spectrum of businesses and the thought leaders forging the opportunities moulding our built world.

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Construction & Building Materials Corporate Stories

Cladtek : Delivering Multifaceted Additive Solutions

Both the world’s largest corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) cladding solutions provider and a leading supplier of CRA mechanically lined pipe, Christopher Kamalaraj, COO, provides us with an insight into 20 years of success at Cladtek.

By Joshua Mann Lauren Kania

Tesmec Group : Entrenched in Excellence

In an era where technological advancements and sustainable practices play pivotal roles in shaping the future of construction, Tesmec Group stands out as a leader committed to providing innovative excavation solutions. Flavio Villa, Technical Director of the Trenching and Surface Mining Division, tells us more.

By Nicholas Kernan Lily Sawyer

Bamburi Cement PLC : Bringing Modern Architecture to Life

As Kenya’s most trusted cement and concrete partner with over 70 years of expertise, Martin Kariuki, Commercial Director at Bamburi Cement PLC, speaks to us about putting innovation and customised solutions to work to build a nation.

Nortek Global HVAC : Making the World Breathe Easier

The modern HVAC business is about more than just manufacturing, as Philip Windham, President and CEO of Nortek Global HVAC, tells us.

By Kieron Harvey Lauren Kania

SCAFOM-RUX : The Sky is the Limit

Scaffolding has an irreplaceable role in industry. Managing Director of Scafom-Rux, John McGinnis, gives us a glimpse into this service.

By Kieron Harvey Jack Salter

Höganäs Borgestad : New Age Industry

We speak to Hanna Landell, Managing Director of the Production Unit at Höganäs Borgestad, about making manufacturing a greener industry.

By Nicholas Kernan Ed Budds

Seeley International : Innovative and Evaporative

A proudly Australian manufacturer for half a century, Seeley International’s evaporative air conditioning systems are redefining cooling. We discover this ground-breaking technology with Executive Chairman, Frank Seeley.

Zamperla S.p.A : Amusement Built to Last

Supplying theme parks around the globe for decades, Zamperla S.p.A stands as a manufacturing company blessed with the task of manufacturing happiness. We speak with Antonio Zamperla, CEO of the company, to learn more.

By Marcus Kääpä Nicholas Kernan

Mada Gypsum Company : Winning the Race in KSA

Greg Smith, President of Mada Gypsum Company, discusses his firm’s competitive advantage within Saudi Arabia.

By Joshua Mann Editorial Team

Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa : Service and Support

Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa stands as a giant in the continent’s machinery manufacturing sector.

By Marcus Kääpä Donovan Smith