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How to Procure the Right Battery Pack for a Mobile Industrial Robot

Long cycle life, high energy density, and resistance to shock and vibration are common requirements in AGVs and other types of mobile robots. How do they affect the choice of chemistry, cell, and battery pack design?

By Owen McNally

Responsible Manufacturing in 2024 : Innovating for the Reality of 1.5°C 

Professor Chris Harrop, OBE and Chairman of Made in Britian, explores the feasibility of mitigating global temperature rises within the manufacturing industry, and the important role that manufacturers must play in a world increasingly focussed on sustainability and social responsibility.

By Chris Harrop OBE

FLEX : Driving the Product Lifecycle Forward

As greater global demand creates a pressure to produce products quickly, Hooi Tan, President of Global Operations and Supply Chain for Flex, explains how advanced manufacturing technology helps shorten time to market.

By Hooi Tan

The Transformative Effect of Cloud Computing on Manufacturing

Cloud computing is a powerful technology enabling companies to become more productive, improving both customer communication and supply-chain performance

By JP van Loggerenberg