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  • Today, Agrostroj Pelhřimov has expanded its repertoire to become an engineering manufacturing titan that caters to the entire design and production process of each project.
  • The company’s turnkey services include project feasibility studies, production preparation and construction, as well as tool manufacturing.

With an extensive history in the agricultural sector, Agrostroj Pelhřimov has grown to become an industry leader in machinery manufacturing. We explore how the company provides comprehensive production solutions for global players.


Founded in 1896, Agrostroj Pelhřimov (Agrostroj) has firmly established its roots in agricultural machine manufacturing and production, having grown from a family-driven culture and a passion for the industry in Czechia. 

Today, the company has expanded its repertoire to become an engineering manufacturing titan that caters to the entire design and production process of each project, operating as the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the country. 

Agrostroj has achieved its enviable position by offering end-to-end machine solutions that are specialised to its clients’ individual requirements. The company’s turnkey services include project feasibility studies, production preparation and construction, as well as tool manufacturing. 

Providing solutions for a vast range of agricultural machinery, including combine harvesters, soil propagation machines, industrial racks, earth moving equipment, and more, Agrostroj has evolved to become a major supplier to some of the largest organisations in the world. 


To maintain its position as a major supplier, Agrostroj strictly follows high-precision procedures and stringently controls each project stage through to final production and after-care service.   

In fact, providing complete turnkey solutions that meet customer requirements is at the core of the business, as Agrostroj prides itself on ensuring the entire project timeline, from project inception through to planning, design, development, and delivery, is meticulously streamlined and efficient.  

Unlike other competitors in the agricultural manufacturing sector, the company also offers rigorous post-production services as part of its portfolio, alleviating any further difficulty for clients as they continue to utilise the machinery. This also ensures that the equipment retains its initial quality, providing long-lasting utility value. 

Furthermore, Agrostroj’s technology capabilities are key to its unwavering success. Using advanced, environmentally-friendly equipment, its machines operate with the utmost precision. 

Indeed, the company’s inventory of machinery is extensive; across its 23 hectares of production halls, Agrostroj possesses modern robotic painting lines, 3D laser workstations, 250 computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, 44 fully automated laser lines, more than 100 metres (m) of assembly lines, as well as special aluminium welding technology. 

Meanwhile, the company also boasts a modern, universal paint shop that is the largest in Europe. As a recent addition to the business, the facility began operating in 2020 and has an impressive annual capacity of five million square metres. 

Akin to the company’s other capabilities, the paint shop has great versatility with the ability to apply all types of paints. The facility is equipped with everything that its clients might require, including a cataphoretic dip coating (CDC) system, a wet paint box, and three powder paint boxes for larger requirements. Additionally, the paint shop also has a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant that further increases its capabilities. 

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With its headquarters situated in Czechia, Agrostroj possesses manufacturing facilities across the breadth of the country, with one plant in Pelhřimov and two other centres in Humpolec and Počátky. 

However, the company’s overarching mindset is integral to the international portfolio that it has amassed over the past century, in which reliability, flexibility, and premium product quality are critical.  

Currently, the company supplies parts to 21 agricultural machinery and utility vehicle businesses who rank highly in the European markets for their respective fields. 

Regarding the provision of utility vehicles, Agrostroj diligently supplies complex products that can be directly used in the production of trucks, buses, heavy-duty machinery, forklifts, and injection molding machines. 

The company holds many major international partnerships with the likes of CLAAS, John Deere, Scania, Krone Agriculture, Volvo, Fendt, amongst others. 

To meet the demands of these globally illustrious organisations whilst supporting its domestic facilities, Agrostroj operates subsidiaries in Poland, Germany, and the US, as well as sales offices in Russia and France. 

To further bolster its international footprint, the company acquired German machinery company, STOLL, who owns two factories in Germany, and one a piece in Poland and the US. 

The acquisition marks a partnership between Agrostroj and the world’s second-largest manufacturer of agricultural front loaders, with an annual production capacity of 22,000 units. 

This has helped Agrostroj greatly expand its production capabilities, employee strength, and worldwide presence. 


Agrostroj’s employees are a central focus of the company, cultivating a modern working environment for the team, whilst also maintaining their health and education through a plethora of benefits. 

Indeed, the education of its staff is very important to Agrostroj, to the extent that the business provides in-house learning initiatives as well as a welding school, which offers renowned courses in its specially-built training centre. 

New employees can learn the ins and outs of welding, machining, and assembly operation, and must take an exam at the end of the programme before entering the main production line. By passing the school, team members also receive a certificate that enables future job security within the EU. 

Owing to Agrostroj’s collaboration with vocational schools and training centres, as well as its own training facility, 46 percent of the company’s staff have secondary, higher, or university education. 

Meanwhile, the business is also proud of its extended, close co-operation with technical schools in the local areas in which it operates, allowing students and teachers alike from technical schools to partake in practical training with Agrostroj. 

In aid of this, the company regularly organises individual and group events, as well as open days, that allow younger generations to experience the realities of the manufacturing industry. The latter also allows parents to understand the environment where their children may work one day, thus solidifying the future of the industry and the company. 

On top of this, Agrostroj also offers its staff internal English, German, and Russian language courses to further build their skill sets and provide career advancement opportunities. 

Alongside a multitude of career and personal development advantages, the team also receive a plethora of employee benefits such as free transport to work, meal allowances, healthcare amenities, staff housing, and much more. 

As leaders in industrial production and agricultural manufacturing for over a century, Agrostroj continues to pave the way for the world’s leading global businesses by providing premium quality products with enduring high value.

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