Metal & Machinery Manufacturing

Delve into the powerful realm of Metal & Machinery Manufacturing. From metallurgical maestros refining alloys to intricate machines that shape industries, we spotlight the forward-thinking companies forging the heart of modern machinery.

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Metal & Machinery Manufacturing Corporate Stories

Garbuio : Machinery at the Fore

We take a look at Garbuio and the company’s development and innovative operations within the European tobacco machinery and equipment manufacturing sector.

KR Pfiffner Group : Making Machinery

Revolutionising the manufacturing industry, we spoke to Andreas Ewald, CEO of Swiss firm KR Pfiffner Group, about the company’s innovative and forward-thinking place within the sector.

Trumpf Group : Cutting Edge Tech

Machinery manufacturing is a critical sector. We spoke to TRUMPF Group about the necessity of adaptation in the industry and the company’s position at the forefront of laser-cut machine parts provision.

Al Taiseer Aluminium Company : Advanced Aluminium Production

The Middle East’s metal industry is substantial, we spoke to Suliman Al Oufi, CEO of Al Taiseer Aluminium Company, about the latest in Saudi Arabian metal production.

Itema Group : Italian Industry Leaders

We spoke to Ugo Ghilardi, Principal CEO of Itema Group, about the textile machinery manufacturing industry, and how the company stays ahead of its competition amid the repercussions of COVID-19.

TMK-Artrom : The Romanian Road to Sustainable Steel Pipes

CEO Adrian Popescu talks about the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the innovative improvements TMK-Artrom has made to better serve customers of the steel pipes industry.

Bergman & Beving : Power to the Tools

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Bergman & Beving’s Tools & Consumables division continues to pursue an ambitious strategy of growth.

Copper Mill Sevojno : Copper Standard

Since the privatisation of Serbia’s copper industry, manufacturing companies such as Copper Mill Sevojno have gone from strength to strength.