Krisha Canlas

Krisha Canlas is a Project Manager for Manufacturing Outlook, showcasing features, leaders and c-suite executives. Krisha is responsible for working with investment promotion agencies, boards of trade, business associations across North America.
Project Manager
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Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association : Spotlight 

Facing the dilemma of unprecedented labor shortages combined with an unexploited energy opportunity of enormous potential, we take a deep dive into the modern quandary of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance : Spotlight

Specializing in advanced manufacturing and the automotive industries, we foreground Georgia as the southeast’s industrial capital for the manufacturing sector

By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

The Industrial Association of Mozambique (AIMO) : Spotlight

Bringing to light the industrial landscape of Mozambique and the country’s potential as a destination of foreign investment for South-East Africa.

By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

Rwanda Association of Manufacturers : Spotlight

The burgeoning manufacturing sector in Rwanda has redefined itself as an attractive prospect for international investors.

By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

Sri Lanka Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Rubber Products (SLAMERP)

The Outlook Team take a deep dive into Sri Lanka’s longstanding rubber industry with SLAMERP and government-backed plans for expansion.

By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

Uganda Manufacturing Association : Spotlight

The manufacturing sector in Uganda might have challenges, but there are many public and private stakeholders intent on helping develop it.

By Editorial Team Krisha Canlas